Stories In Motion

Engage your children in an interactive story and movement session that reinforces the importance of reading, listening skills and physical activities that encompasses motor skills and coordination.  Included is the viewing of a performance that captivates, inspires and expands creativity. 

dance Immersion is pleased to announce a unique project that offers literacy, physicality and performance activities for children up to age 10.  This event promotes children's literacy while providing access for young people to arts and culture using storytelling, movement and the viewing of a performance delivered by professional artists.

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Saturday February 3, 2018 : 10:30am to 12:00pm

Fleck Dance Theatre (upstairs lobby): 207 Queens Quay West

FREE for Children 10 and under | $20 Adults | Maximum 4 children per Adult

Stories In Motion is a 90 minute activity that engages participants in an interactive session with storyteller Itah Sadu of Different Booklist and Bakari I. Lindsey of COBA, participants will then view the 1pm matinee performance of Ronald K Brown/EVIDENCE. 

Stories In Motion reinforces the importance of the arts and how it can help to develop a number of skills before viewing a performance that will captivate, inspire and expand creativity. Stories In Motion is geared towards CHILDREN UP TO AGE 10


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Storyteller Sheena Blake & ACE dance and music instructor engaged participants in a fun and interactive session February 12, 2017 at Fleck Dance Theatre.  Participants from this workshop viewed a dance performance by ACE Dance and Music after the workshop.



Sheena Blake is an author, inspirational speaker, teacher, editor, and a mom. She writes for, teaches and speaks to children, youth and adults, and her focus is always on healing and the promotion of people stepping into the greatest version of their lives. It is her life mission to walk alongside people and hold the torch as they move into their vision and live in passion.

Her company, Discovering Diversity Publishing, has a mission to guide each person to knowing and fulfilling their personal legend and allowing their light to shine on this already beautiful world through written and spoken word.

Sheena’s roots stem from many lands around the world; Ghana, Jamaica, Russia and Poland, and it is from these lands and many others that she calls upon wisdoms and knowledge to open, heal and inspire women, men and children.

As a Griot, Sheena takes great joy in watching people realize deeper truths about themselves when they have heard her stories. She loves to captivate attention of the audience and guide them on a journey


Gail Parmel is the Artistic Director of ACE Dance and Music and as one of Britain’s hidden female choreographers we thought we would showcase her achievements in this blog. Gail was born in Leeds in 1970 and is very proud of her Yorkshire roots, she graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 1996. After working for Kokuma Dance Company, Gail founded ACE dance and music with husband Ian Parmel in 1997. The company have toured throughout the U.K. and internationally at the Grahamstown Festival in South Africa, in Lyon, France and in Milan, Italy.