Showcase Presentation

Our Showcase Presentations take place in a professional theatre. We facilitate and promote selected and commissioned works of various dance styles by dance artists and choreographers from the African Diaspora living in Canada and abroad.  Our Showcase Presentations have taken place in Toronto at the Harbourfront Centre since 1995. 


February 22-23, 2019
Fleck Dance Theatre

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary with an exciting Showcase Presentation featuring dynamic dance company Bboyizm, in a full evening presentation of "Music Creates Opportunity. An intersection of rhythm, expression, and community.

8:00pm | Friday February 22, 2019
1:00pm | Saturday February 23, 2019
8:00pm | Saturday February 23, 2019

Music Creates Opportunity explores how music is a critical link between dancers. In coming together, dancers realize personal expression, individualized interpretation, and explore their own inner music. Their environment becomes a theatre of meeting – sometimes harmonious and gentle; sometimes antagonistic and in conflict; always transformative.

The show features traditional street dances including Rocking and B-boying, as well as newer forms such as House Dancing, Hustle, and – rarely seen on North American stages – Pantsula, a street dance from Soweto, South Africa. It also introduces the innovative concept of Rhythmic Contact as Crazy Smooth and his dancers mix traditional forms of dance contact with music and rhythmic patterns, much like tap dancers, always within the context of street dance.

Interview with Artistic Director of Bboyizm Yvon “Crazy Smooth” Soglo


dance Immersion had a chance to speak to Bboyizm’s  groundbreaking and innovative founder B-boy Crazy Smooth who graciously answered  all of our questions about being a B-boy and running a dance company!

We asked Crazy Smooth, “How did you begin your artistry in dance?” and he replied:

My artistry in dance. Like some people, I didn’t go to school in dance. Dance for me was something I did for fun, I always danced. In high school I would go to school dances, and there would always be little syphers and little circles where people would dance and chill. Obviously as a young boy I found it exhilarating and exciting. I wasn’t a dancer but I wanted to participate in the sypher, and growing up with hip hop in the era when music videos were very important, I’d watch movies and music videos and try and imitate some of the stuff that you would see people doing.

 We also asked, ““Bboys and Bgirls choose unique and personalised performance names. Where does this tradition stem from and how did you choose your name?”

Crazy Smooth told us:

A lot of artists have nicknames and names that they go by, but it’s not a rule. For a lot of people, the name is given to them by their mentor, their surroundings, their crew, their friends and a lot of the time names will have to do with something about them. It could be something to do with your artistry, like if your writing or DJ-ing, so sometimes names have to do with a specific art form OR it could have something to do with your personality. It’s different for everybody, and some people even choose their own name. Like they can choose a word that’s profound to them.

For me, someone gave me my name. He is a legend in Montreal, and his BBOY name was T-Swift, Technical Swift. He came from Montreal to Ottawa and he had heard of me and my crew, and he ended up coming to one of our practices. There were two or three of us and we battled, and I was definitely in awe of his dancing, of his skills, and he had a lot of knowledge about dance. He shared his knowledge and he asked me what my BBOY name was and I didn’t have one, so he said by the end of the practice, I’ll find you a name. So he said, “Okay we’ll call you ‘Crazy’ because you move really fast and you’re full of energy.” Crazy is also one of those names you put before your name, like “Crazy Legs” or “Crazy Freddy”. And when I transition, even when I make mistakes, he said it didn’t look like I had so he added the “Smooth” there. “Crazy Smooth” so when he gave me the name, he was a really dope dancer who I looked up to giving me a name, so I didn’t think about it. But years later if people look back at my style, my character, anything that has to do with my dancing those two names describe it quite well so it ended up working out.

About Bboyizm

Bboyizm is the premier street dance company in Canada, run by dancer-choreographer, Crazy Smooth. We promote and preserve the foundation, authenticity, and essence of all street dances. Our creations and our programs are platforms for authentic self-expression by artists and students alike.

Founded in 2004 by dancer-choreographer, Crazy Smooth, Bboyizm is the premier street dance company in Canada. The company has a mandate to promote and preserve the foundation, authenticity, and essence of all street dances. Bboyizm believes that authentic self-expression enables an individual – and by extension, a community – to realize its full potential.

Three of the company’s theatre productions have toured Canada to critical acclaim. In addition to performances, the company provides a complete street dance experience that also includes outreach and street-dance programs in schools and communities across Canada.

That’s our motto – we believe that in expressing oneself authentically, the art and the dance will be impressive by nature.

Notable Bboyizm Facts

  • Three nationally toured shows, frequently sold out

  • Dora Award nominee (2012)

  • Ontario Presenters Network Emerging Touring Artist of the Year (2012)

  • Atlantic Presenters Association Touring Performer of the Year (2013)