This initiative is a collaborative project between arts organizations (see below) in Toronto, who have come together to offer an Arts Administrative Training Program geared towards individuals who identify as Black or as individuals of African Descent, residing in Toronto or the GTA.

This program is based on partnerships between arts organizations and the public sector. Our objective is to help build and support business-arts administration capacity; whilst, creating a platform for emerging arts administrators to gain practical experience. Participants will be immersed in an experiential learning environment while receiving marketable arts administrative skills. This collaborative training program will be a hybrid between a traditional class room setting and hands on-learning.

Participants will be required to commit to approximately 87 hours, as the program has six integrated modules that run over two semesters.
Semester (1) January to April 2019 - in class training
Semester (2) May to August 2019 - placement within arts organizations

The Legacy Leaders Initiative will offer you a chance to learn
o Program Management
o Legacy Leadership & Collaboration
·   What is Legacy Leadership?
o Basic Business Knowledge & Skills
·    Microsoft Office, Office Etiquette, Time Management
o Digital Communications Media
·  Graphic Design, Social Media Content Manager, Marketing and Advertising
o Professional Actualization Marketing (Branding)
·   Branding yourself/business
o Personal Career Venture Plan
·   Building portfolio, Career Exploration

Successful applicants must go through an interview process to be selected for this paid training initiative

Eligibility Criteria:

Application is open to young adults ages 18–29 who identify as Black or as an individual of African Descent, who reside in Toronto or the GTA.
·         Have an interest in working in the Arts.
·         Can make an 8 month commitment to approximately 87 hours, as the program has six integrated modules that run over two semesters.
·  Applicant is familiar with Microsoft Office.
·         Willing to commute for placement.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: Applications should be submitted to legacyleaders@danceimmersion.ca before midnight on Wednesday November 28, 2018.

Applicants should submit:
· Name, contact number and email
· Statement on why you want to be in the program and what you hope to accomplish. (maximum 200 words)
· CV or Resume
· Bio ( max 200 words)
· Optional but not mandatory: A fun video highlighting who you are, skills, and why you believe that you are a good candidate for this program. 

Selection Process
After all applications are received and meet the eligibility criteria, applications will be reviewed by a committee who will conduct interviews before the final selection.   Successful applicants will be notified by December 5, 2018.

Partner Organizations