Day of The Drum For Our Youth

Dedicated to developing the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the Drum. 

dance Immersion proudly presents Day Of The Drum For Our Youth - Saturday May 27, 2017 at Driftwood Community Centre (4401 Jane Street, NORTH YORK) from 9:30am - 5:30pm.  

This FREE special drum event includes workshops that will provide a variety of skill development for children and youth (7 - 18 years of age), in West African drumming and an introduction to Brazilian drum rhythms. West African classes will be taught by Master Drummer - Amadou Kienou and Beyond Sound Empijah's -Yohance Francis Parsons; Brazilian drum rhythms will be taught by Samba Squad's Artistic Director, Rick Lazar.

The event culminates in a presentation that will include participants  playing with local and special guest artists. 


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Amadou Kienou - Born in Ouagadougou at Burkina Faso, Amadou Kienou is the 7th son of a family of praise singers from Dafing origin, originating from a tribe which settled down at the ancient Mandingue Empire. This tribe has extended right up to Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali. Praise singers (Griots) from father to son, they are very popular and renowned dancers and singers in Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso. Most of them are musicians by profession.

Amadou has been initiated in music in his family mostly by his father, the late BABA KIENOU. In the sixties, this distinguished and famous traditional praise singer and musician brought his personal touch to big national and cultural events like the famous Djandjoba, and also to other African countries later on. Accompanied by his family, he perpetuated with his own touch what he had learned from his father and grand father in the Great Mandingue.

This ancestral flame was generously transmitted to the children by their father. These very talented children are solicited by several companies in Burkina Faso, Africa and elsewhere for the elaboration of great projects be it in the music, theatre or dance domain.

At younger age, AMADOU showed particular interest in the musical instrument, the Djembe. After much practice he has developed a great skill and is now referred to as "the drum master of Burkina Faso" since the years.

Yohance Francis Parsons started his musical career at the age of two at the Beaches Jazz Festival. As a young talented musician in the GTA community and founding member and active coach of Ngoma Drum and Dance Ensemble, Yohance Francis states that his love for music comes from the fact that it is an important part of his life that has always been at the centre of his being.

He lists Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson as his musical influences due to the whole picture approach they have maintained; from writing, arranging, producing and performing. He performed for the late Johnny Cochrane and values his experience at the Me to We Day Celebration, Muthadi Drum Festival in Tobago and the Reveration Night- Emancipation Day celebration performance at Cape Coast Castle, Ghana. Yohance is also a founding member and writer of Beyond Sound Empijah.

Rick Lazar was voted Percussionist of the Year five times by Jazz Report magazine. A uniquely versatile musician, Lazar is involved in a wide variety of innovative projects. He leads the Juno-nominated global jazz ensemble Montuno Police and has produced and released 4 CDs with this group: Bang, Juno-Nominated Touch, The Call, and Nomads. Rick has toured/recorded with such artists as Bruce Cockburn, Barry White, Paul Shaffer, Brian Hughes, Jesse Cook and Loreena McKennitt.

Rick is also the creator and artistic director of Samba Squad and has written, produced and released 3 CDs with this group: Samba Squad, Batuque and Que Beleza.

He is an educator at York University (ESCOLA DE SAMBA and CUBAN MUSIC courses). Lazar has developed hands-on workshop techniques, which are being successfully used in the Samba Kidz and Samba Teens programs. Rick’s knowledge of world drums and passion make him a unique percussionist who is first call for a diverse array of artists.